It really isn’t an easy task to potty train your puppy— just like human babies, puppies take lots of time and direction in order to get full control of their bladder and bowels. 


The accidents your puppy has throughout the house can cause a lot of frustration, but it’s crucial to understand that punishing your pup for their little, surprise pees and poos will only be counterproductive to the cause. 


So, what’s a puppy parent to do in these situations?


Well, here are some general tips to painlessly potty train your puppy.


Write it All Down

New puppies require a lot of attention, and that means you’ll need to closely follow and detail their every move. Physically write down the times in which your pup usually goes potty, and incorporate those times into your walks.


Go on Lots of Walks

Two-month-old puppies usually need to “go” roughly around every two hours. At three months, your pup will be able to hold it in for three to four hours; and at four months, up to five. Soon, your puppy will be fully trained and no longer have accidents in the home. Until that time comes, take him or her for short walks extra often.


Predictability and Positivity

Puppies-in-training thrive on two things — a predictable routine and positive reinforcement. Make sure to praise your pup when he or she goes potty outside, and make sure they know when to expect the next walk.


Stay Sweet

If your puppy does have an accident, simply say “whoopsies” or something similar in a surprised tone, and then go ahead and thoroughly clean it to make sure that no odors remain that will compel them to use that same spot again.


Above all else, stay positive, and remember — the puppy stage will soon be over, and your dog will eventually outgrow the accident stage altogether!