You have had your new pet for a few months now. They are living a wild and care-free, but are a lot to handle at times. You want your pet to be happy and live a long life. The time has come when you need to decide if you are going to spay or neuter your pet. Is it the right decision to make?


What are the benefits of getting your pet fixed?


By fixing your pet early on, you help in preventing an outbreak of overwhelming hormones.


By getting your pet fixed, you help regulate your pet’s hormones, which essentially aids in calming your pet down. In both female and male pets, removal of the sex organs prevents cancer in dogs.


Male pets who have a high sex drive can benefit from getting neutered.


Generally, after being fixed, the animal will have less of an urge to hump.


In female dogs, getting spayed prevents unwanted pregnancies and messy cycles.


Every pet is different in its needs, but it is recommended that you get your pet spayed or neutered around 6 months of age to avoid any lifelong health issues from arising. The longer you wait, the greater the chance for illness can occur.