I was caught off-guard when I came across a Bitcoin ATM at the Han-Dee Hugo’s convenience store. The world of Cryptocurrency is exploding in 2021. Bitcoin is coming off an all-time high in the markets. Some other alternative coins (referred to as “alt coins) got some big exposure from billionaire Elon Musk. The Dogecoin, created as a meme from a Shiba Inu pet, has made some people millionaires with its recent skyrocketing increases. Musk is considering using it for his SpaceX projects. 

The term “cryptocurrency” refers to a form of digital currency. To control coin generation and verify transactions, each unit is encrypted. Cryptocurrency, like any other currency, can be used as a means of trade or a store of value. While you might be familiar with Bitcoin, there are thousands of other cryptocurrency coins to choose from, as well as a variety of ways to purchase them.

Could we be looking into a future where your pet’s care is paid in BitCoin? Ethereum? Doge? One animal hospital in Brazil has started accepting BitCoin. Another New Mexico clinic has already begun accepting BitCoin.

There are already some big names who accept Bitcoin for their products – Microsoft, AT&T, Home Depot, Overstock, to name a few.

Human medical centers are warming up the idea. Columbus Physical Medical Center, as early as 2017 has accepted Bitcoin as a form of payment. 

Animal Welfare has begun with its cryptocoin – Called Calicoin. The idea appeals to cryptocurrency owners who are attracted to the idea that 100% of the funds go to the charity of their choice even across the world. Your US Dollars get converted into Calicoin and it electronically fires across the network and goes directly to the charity, who then converts the Calicoin into the funds of their country. 

Investors can buy and trade Calicoin much like any stock or commodity on the crypto market. The price for owning a Calicoin was trading at 22 cents in March but has since dropped to 2 cents as of this date. It is interesting to note the meme coin Doge was trading at 5 cents in March and is now around 47 cents. There are stories everywhere of people who invested in Dogecoin just a few months ago and are now millionaires.

Cryptocurrency investing is not for the meek. The markets are growing, and if you are not ready, you can lose a lot to wild swings. It is much more volatile than the stock market, but if you know how to manage money and not let your emotions sway you, there are quite a few people who made fortunes in crypto. 

Many top finance guys are grudgingly accepting the fact that Bitcoin is here to stay. The coin has been steadily rising in value for years. I would not be surprised by the next decade people will be paying for services such as veterinary care in Cryptocurrency.

At this time Ansede Animal Hospital does not take Bitcoin.