The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends that all pets receive a physical medical examination on a yearly basis— and yes, this also includes your indoor pets. Your furry friend needs more than just a monthly flea medication— they need to regularly visit the vet to keep them healthy.


Reading About Pet Injuries Online

It’s easy to let yourself assess your pet’s behavior and ailments from home. Unfortunately, this won’t do anything for your pet. If your pet is in pain, you want to get your pet to the vet as soon as possible. However, being aware of the ailments that are common is something to consider. You can at the very least diagnose a change in behavior. This will come up in a variety of different behavior shifts.

Leave It To the Professionals


The fact of the matter is that you can’t tell how your pet feels just by looking at them. Although they may seem perfectly healthy at first glance, there could be problems developing that only a trained professional can detect. Here are some things you should stay on the lookout for:


  • If your pet seems extremely sluggish, tired, and/or disinterested in usual activities, this may be a sign of some illness lurking beneath the surface.


  • Do you check your pets’ teeth often enough? Tooth decay can result in your pet losing weight, eating poorly, or acting out in other ways. If untreated, their health can be threatened.


  • Outdoor pets should have their skin checked regularly for any signs of deadly bites and infestations. Your vet will recognize marks that need to be immediately addressed, and can order the necessary blood tests to confirm possible infection or disease.


  • Several illnesses don’t show physical indicators until it’s too late. Yearly check-ups help you to track your pet’s vital signs, so that any problems can be treated before they get out of control.


  • Common chronic issues your pet might face, such as arthritis or diabetes, are easier to manage when diagnosed early. Regular vet visits allow you to catch these ailments early, which will lengthen your pet’s lifespan.

Health Benefits For Your Pet

Giving your pet regular checkups will increase the potential your pet has to avoid disease setting in or conditions. Also, you’ll be more aware of what’s been bothering them, and cater your behavior with them to better suit it. This can be anything from:

Increasing or decreasing the frequency of walks: a huge factor in the everyday life of your pet. Consistent walks and keeping your pet healthy is a fantastic route to improve the overall health of your pet while also staying active yourself.


Quality foods and nutrients: Ensuring they get nutrients consistently through their steady diet will have to be something you go over with your vet. Taking the time to find which foods will best impact your pet’s health while also keeping them on track for their growth is crucial. Additionally, if you adopted the pet recently from a shelter, they may be over or under their ideal healthy weight.


Overall, getting your pet the right treatment can make all the difference for their health. It’s more difficult for them to convey pain they have or any struggles they’ve been having. You can notice it if you’re highly attentive to their behaviors, but that can be difficult to root out simply from an eye test. Luckily, we’re here to help your pet get the healthcare they need. Give us a call today and we can get started on finding a time for an appointment. We’re really looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your pet come in soon!