Professional dog grooming is more than a luxury— it is a necessity for your furry friend’s overall health. It does not have to break the bank and is totally worth the investment in the long run.


1. Spotting possible skin conditions early on


A regular trim by a professional groomer will not only be able to make your dog look more handsome, but will also allow the professional a closer look at your dog’s overall skin and hair condition. They can spot any wounds, scratches, lumps, or bumps on your dog’s skin, making you aware of any potential health problems before they worsen.


Take their health into account even more intensely in the drier seasons. This is when skin is most vulnerable and any conditions would be most prominent. Remember: your dog’s health is entirely reliant on you as the owner. They cannot speak for themselves and will try to communicate any issues in strange patterns and behaviors. Try to be aware of this as well if they are acting unusual or may have developed a tick that you are unfamiliar with. Then, you can better assess how they’re doing on a daily basis, with strong notes as well to bring to a veterinarian if they need to get involved.


2. Nail trimming makes walks more comfortable


If your dog’s nails grow too long, it causes them great discomfort. If left untrimmed, the nails can grow into your dog’s footpads, which will lead to even greater pain. It can be difficult to trim your own dog’s nails, as they can sometimes get fussy in the process, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals.


3. Haircare means less itch


When your dog’s coat is left ungroomed, it becomes matted and can start pulling the skin in an uncomfortable fashion. Additionally, these mats can potentially lead to sores and spots for fleas and ticks to hide in. Regular grooming will keep your dog’s hair lush and flea-free.


The effectiveness of your grooming process will come down to the pet owner’s experience. If you are inexperienced with taking care of your dog, you may want to take a bit more time with this to ensure they aren’t in pain. Coiled fur and bunched up fur damage is common for both larger and smaller dogs.


If you are looking for assistance or need any questions answered on your pet’s health, give us a call today. We’ll find the best time you can bring your pet in and ensure it gets the care it needs.